Learn how to Promote and Market your film. | taught by Richard Pritchard

Lesson Description

Promoting a film can be as easy as telling a group of friends that were involved in your film to a full-scale multi-million dollar Hollywood marketing budget.
While you may not have such a budget, you can still create promotional material, advertise your film, and have a fantastic Premiere!

In this Stage students will Learn:

  1. How to Promote and Market a film.
  2. How to design a poster.
  3. How to write a Tag Line.
  4. Ideas to put on a Red Carpet Premiere event.

Richard Pritchard
Richard Pritchard

With over 10 years experience Richard works as a VFX Artist/Director. He has worked on a wide range of highend commercials and feature films including Happy Feet 1 & 2, The Great Gatsby, Prometheus and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Richard has worked in many of Australia’s top film and animation studios including Sydney’s Animal Logic. He also worked for and with Australia's most awarded film director George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) for six years.

Lesson Curriculum