Discover how blockbuster films use green screens and then have a go at the process of integrating visual effects over video footage. | taught by Richard Pritchard

Lesson Description

40mins Basic Lesson

1.5hrs with Extensions
- Filming backgrounds
- Add before and after scenes
- Add voice overs
- Add music
- Add sound effects

This VFX COMPOSITING MODULE will explain the basic professional film compositing process and show you how to overlay BEAT VFX onto video footage.

Students will use their new knowledge to import the sample Visual Effects Animation and Background Footage into their apps and key out the Greenscreen background.

Teachers will have the option of extending the lesson by adding video, sound, music and discussions.

Student Outcomes & Success Criteria:

  1. Students can explain why and how professional filmmakers use digital compositing.
  2. Students can explain the software and hardware required for professional digital film compositing.
  3. Students can use an app or web based browser app to remove a Greenscreen background from pre-made Visual Effects Animation and overlay it onto video footage.
  4. Students can explain how computer generated imagery can be blended with real world video footage to produce a new digital video sequence story.

Australian Curriculum Content:

ACAMAM063 Media arts / Year 5 and 6
ACTDIK014 Digital technologies / Year 5 and 6
ACADRM035 Drama / Year 5 and 6 (For extension options)

Resources Provided:

  1. Visual Effects (VFX) sample
  2. Video Footage sample
  3. Ipad & Android editing options
  4. Student Production Journal sheet
  5. Step by step video guides
  6. Student success criteria
  7. Student Workshop
  8. Extension time options
  9. Glossary of terms and links

System Requirements: 

  1. ipad - 40mb space min
  2. imovie app
  3. Do Ink app
  4. Internet connection


  1. Disk space 40mb min
  2. Chrome Browser
    - log into WEVIDEO
  3. Internet Connection

Richard Pritchard
Richard Pritchard

With over 10 years experience Richard works as a VFX Artist/Director. He has worked on a wide range of highend commercials and feature films including Happy Feet 1 & 2, The Great Gatsby, Prometheus and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Richard has worked in many of Australia’s top film and animation studios including Sydney’s Animal Logic. He also worked for and with Australia's most awarded film director George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) for six years.

Lesson Curriculum

Curriculum Content and Success Criteria Checklists